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Tamalpais Athletics

Home of the Red-Tailed Hawks


Tamalpais Athletics

Home of the Red-Tailed Hawks

Tamalpais Athletics

Home of the Red-Tailed Hawks


Marin County Athletic League Honors - Fall 2018

Camilla Tarpey-Schwed, Tennis: Player of the Year

Kelsey Van Allen, Cross Country: First Team 

Summer Solomon, Cross Country: First Team 

Paul Law, Cross Country: Second Team

Tomoki Scharber, Cross Country: Second Team

Jake Weisert, Cross Country: Second Team

Yasha Zink, Cross Country: Second Team

Cooper Carroll, Football: First Team Offense

Sam Uriarte-Sanders, Football: First Team Offense, Second Team Offense x 2, Honorable Mention Defense

Davion Black, Football: Second Team Defense

Joe Lubenow, Football: First Team Offense, Second Team Defense

Sam Carlson, Football: First Team Defense

Crewe Hutson, Football: Second Team Offense

Dae'Shawn Burr, Football: Second Team Defense

Ben Reade, Football: Honorable Mention Offense

Keenan Karcs, Football: Honorable Mention Offense

Eli Blum, Football: Honorable Mention Offense

Chloe Jeanmonod, Golf: First Team

Maddie Schwarz, Golf: First Team

Kara Kneafsey, Golf: Second Team

Jackie Warner, Golf: Honorable Mention

Phoebe Merriman, Field Hockey: First Team

Lilli Smith, Field Hockey: Second Team

Ella Bogan, Field Hockey: Honorable Mention

Carly Toole, Field Hockey: Honorable Mention

Camilla Tarpey-Schwed, Tennis: Player of the Year

Jamilah Karah, Tennis: First Team Singles 

Annelie Miller, Tennis: First Team Doubles 

Genevieve Durham, Tennis: First Team Doubles

Katie Bulger, Tennis: Second Team Singles

Olivia VanDien, Tennis: Second Team Doubles

Lucy Stiff, Tennis: Second Team Doubles

Olivia Smith, Volleyball: Honorable Mention

Connor King, Water polo: First Team

Connor Stauffer, Water polo: Second Team

Max Pollack, Water polo: Second Team

Christian Goetz, Water polo: Honorable Mention

Sam Sternfels, Water polo: First Team

Maya Rabow, Water polo: Second Team

Mikaere Todd, Water polo: Second Team

Abigail Moll, Water polo: Honorable Mention

Jada Andrews, Water polo: Honorable Mention

Marin County Athletic League Honors - Winter 2017-18 

Reilly Johnson, Soccer: Player of the Year 

Jack Duboff, Basketball: First Team

Kate Finn, Basketball: Second Team

Ryan Hemmeter, Basketball: Second Team 

Ruby Bowser, Basketball: Honorable Mention

Kimi Wu, Basketball: Honorable Mention

Owen Schwartz, Soccer: First Team 

Emlen Janetos, Soccer: First Team

Grace Gustafson, Soccer: First Team 

Charlotte Johnson, Soccer: First Team 

Ellie Flad, Soccer: First Team 

Lauren Ross, Soccer: Second Team

Jordan Cushner, Soccer: Second Team

Ben Lightner, Soccer: Second Team   

Thalia Greenberg, Soccer: Honorable Mention 

Lily Travers, Soccer: Honorable Mention

Kirsten Whetstone, Soccer: Honorable Mention

Rezin Harris, Wrestling: First Team

Ronin Harris, Wrestling: First Team

Lucas Meters, Wrestling: First Team

Orestes Ferrer, Wrestling: Second Team

Santiago Vera-Buoncristiani, Wrestling: Second Team

Eli Ferrell, Wrestling: Honorable Mention


Marin County Athletic League Honors - Spring 2018

Will Holden-Wingate, Fields Events Athlete of the Year

Andrew Frame, Baseball: First Team

Jack Loder, Baseball: First Team

Ben Lightner, Baseball: Second Team

Jacob Berg, Baseball: Second Team

Nick Friedman, Golf: First Team

Duncan Labeeuw-Anderson, Golf: First Team

Ben Soicher, Golf: First Team

Aaron Young, Golf: Honorable Mention

Amelia Muir, Lacrosse: First Team

Kylie Frame, Lacrosse: Second Team

Sam Smith, Lacrosse: Second Team

Maggie Griffis, Lacrosse, Second Team

Sofia King, Lacrosse: Honorable Mention

Sam Uriarte-Sanders, Lacrosse: First Team

Josh Herz, Lacrosse: Second Team

Jack Boyle, Lacrosse: Honorable Mention

Jason Beuchel, Lacrosse: Honorable Mention

Kassidy Stetler, Softball: First Team

Sofia Piombo, Softball: Second Team

Olivia Page, Softball: Honorable Mention

Mason Marks, Tennis: First Team Singles

Finn Taylor, Tennis: First Team Singles

Will Roddy, Tennis: First Team Singles

Collin Prell, Tennis: First Team Doubles

Sam Settleman, Tennis: First Team Doubles

Miles Rubens, Tennis: First Team Doubles

Chris Adams, Tennis, Second Team Singles

Alec Bakhsandeh, Tennis: Second Team Doubles

Stephen Chang, Volleyball: First Team

Aaqib Ismail, Volleyball: Second Team
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