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Tamalpais Athletics

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Tamalpais Athletics

Home of the Red-Tailed Hawks

Tamalpais Athletics

Home of the Red-Tailed Hawks


1. What do I need to do to play?
All athletes must register at: and submit a doctors pre-participation clearance form. Insurance is also required. If you do not have insurance please see the Athletic Director in Wood Hall #105.  Students must also hold at least a 2.0 gpa throughout the entire season. No athlete may participate with any team without registering prior and submitting a doctors pre-participation form. Grades will be checked every 6 weeks. *Incoming Freshman playing a Fall sport must bring a copy of their 8th grade final report card. Additionally, here is some general information for incoming freshman.
2. I am a transfer student from _________  high school.  How do I become eligible to play for Tam?
Transfer students must complete all of #1 above as well as fill out NCS paper work.  This paperwork is available in the Athletic Department, Wood Hall #105.  This does not guarantee clearance.  NCS will review the paperwork and grant eligibility accordingly.  Please contact Athletic Director if you are a transfer student.
3.  I am a foreign exchange student.  Can I participate in athletics at Tam?
Foreign exchange students will need to fill out NCS paperwork.  If the exchange program is an NCS approved program the student may participate upon receiving approval from NCS. Please contact Athletic Director if you are a foreign exchange student interested in playing sports at Tam. Approved foreign exchange programs can be found here.
4. What sports and level of sport do you offer at Tam?

V = Varsity, JV = Junior Varsity, F/S = Frosh/Soph, F = Freshman

Fall Winter Spring
Cheerleading (V) Basketball V/JV/F (Boys & Girls) Baseball (V/JV/F)
Cross Country (V Boys & V Girls) Cheerleading (V) Golf (V Boys)
Football (V & F/S) Soccer V/JV (Boys & Girls) Lacrosse V & JV (Boys & Girls)
Golf (V Girls) Wrestling (V) Softball (V)
Tennis (V Girls)   Swimming & Diving (V Boys & V Girls)
Volleyball (V/JV Girls) Tennis (V Boys)
Water polo (V/JV Boys & V/JV Girls) Track & Field (V Boys & V Girls)
Field Hockey (V Girls) Volleyball (V Boys)

5. Can I play two sports during 1 season?
No.  Each season (Fall-Winter-Spring) a student-athlete is only allowed to play one sport.
6.  I am interested in coaching and/or volunteering to coach, what do I need to do?
Any coach (head, assistant, or volunteer) that works with our Student-Athletes whether it be once a week or six times a week needs to complete the following:
a) complete a coaching application or a volunteer application.

b) Livescan fingerprinting (set up through TUHSD)

c) TB test (set up through TUHSD)

d) pass a certified coaching education program: MCAL coaching education or NFHS Fundamentals of coaching or ASEP Coaching Principles.

e) complete the concussion in sports course every 2 years

f) complete the signs and symptoms of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) course every 2 years

g) complete CPR & First Aid every 2 years

h) complete Heat Illness Prevention

7. I am an incoming Freshman, what do I need to complete prior to practicing?
All incoming Freshman playing a FALL sport must upload a copy of their last semester report card to the RMA data base.  A 2.0 gpa is mandatory for any Freshman to participate in Athletics.  In addition, you must complete step #1 on this page. 
8. How often do you check my grades?
Grades are checked every 6 weeks.  Athletes unable to maintain a 2.0 gpa will not be allowed to play in games, practice, or try-out for any team.  Spring Semester grades determine eligibility for the following school year. 
9. I'm interest in playing on the ______ team, what do I do? How do I know when and where try-outs are?
Check the home page and click on 'try-outs' for information as well as email the head varsity coach. In addition when you register through RMA you can select all the sports you are interested in for the school year to receive sport information updates.  

10. How do you calculate the awards for scholar-athletes?
NCS determines which grading period we use during each sport season to award scholar-athletes. GPA's for scholar athlete recipients are UNWEIGHTED.  Fall scholar athletes will use the R2/November grading period. Winter scholar athletes will use the S1/Fall Semester grades. Spring scholar athletes will use the R5/April grading period. In addition, there are four types of scholastic awards recognized by NCS. The scholar athlete is the students unweighted GPA for their designated sports grading period (the minimum GPA for this recognition is a 3.5 GPA unweighted). The distinguished scholastic team award is the average GPA for all student-athletes on a specific team during their designated sports grading period (the minimum GPA for this recognition is a 3.0 GPA unweighted team average).   

NCS SCHOLASTIC AWARDS PROGRAM: Criteria and Procedures for Participation

Four different certificates are awarded each season. They are:

1. SCHOLAR-ATHLETE - earned by any freshman, sophomore, junior or senior athlete who achieves a 3.5 or better GPA (unweighted) during the grading period while that student is participating in a sport. NCS does not require that the names of these students are submitted via the Academic Awards section of CIF Home.

2. DISTINGUISHED SCHOLASTIC TEAM - awarded to members of any team (freshman, frosh-soph., junior varsity, and/or varsity) that achieved a 3.0 or better composite GPA (based on a 4.0 scale, do not use enhanced scale for figuring GPA) during the season of sport. For the purpose of this award program, distinguished team membership shall include all student-athletes participating during a given marking period. Students who, at the time grades are issued, become academically ineligible shall not be deleted from the team roster.

3. SCHOLASTIC CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM - presented to the top three NCS varsity teams in each division with the highest composite GPA (unweighted). Scholastic Championship team member are awarded a certificate and the school receives a pennant.

4. SCHOLAR-ATHLETE HONOR ROLL (certificate is the same as the Scholar-Athlete – earned by any varsity athlete who achieves a 3.5 – 3.79 GPA (unweighted) during the grading period while that student is participating in a sport. 5. PRESIDENT’S LIST – earned by any varsity athlete who achieves a 3.80 - 4.0 GPA (unweighted) during the grading period while that student is participating in a sport. 

11. What open positions do you have for Coaching?
We are always looking for volunteer coaches to help with our programs.  For open head coaching positions please refer to the Tamalpais Unified School District 'current job listings' site located here.
12. When is the pool available for the community to swim?
Monday – Friday: 5:30am – 7:00am
Monday – Thursday: 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Saturday: 7:00am – 10:00am
Cost:$7 drop in fee or $175 for Season Pass.
Register for season pass at 
13. How can I donate to an approved school athletic program?
Donations and Fundraising checks can be deposited into team ASB (associated student body) accounts.  These generated funds are to be spent on that specific team during the current school year towards 'climate and culture' items.  Checks can be made out to: Tamalpais High School.  In the memo please note which team and gender you are writing the funds to. 
14. What time is my early release on game day?
Every effort is made to keep students in class as much as possible.  That being said some athletic contests start before the school day is over.  In order to ensure a proper warm-up and travel time the early release matrix was designed.  Please refer to it for league contest early releases by clicking here.

15. When is the weight room available for students to use? 
Thanks to generous donations from our TAM BOOSTERS members the weight room will be open this summer 2017 during the following times.

Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Time 3pm-6pm 3pm-6pm 3pm-6pm 3pm-6pm x 10am-1pm x
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