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Tamalpais Athletics

Home of the Red-Tailed Hawks


Tamalpais Athletics

Home of the Red-Tailed Hawks

Tamalpais Athletics

Home of the Red-Tailed Hawks


Christina Amoroso, CAA
Athletic Director
Office: Wood Hall #105
(415) 380-3532
fax: (415) 380-3566

Patty Parnow 
Athletics Clerk 
Office: Wood Hall #105
(415) 380-3512

Marcella Shorty
 Athletic Trainer
Office: M-F 2:00-7:00, Training Room across from Weight Room
(415) 945-3600 x5023 


*on campus coach




Head Coach

Contact Information

Baseball Varsity Boys Nathan Bernstein*
Baseball JV Boys    
Baseball Frosh Boys TBA  
Basketball Varsity Boys Tim Morgan*
Basketball JV Boys Todd Wickens
Basketball Frosh Boys

Austin Arnold

Basketball Varsity Girls Michael Evans
Basketball JV Girls Orlando Wiggins 
Basketball Frosh Girls no team  no team
Cheerleading Varsity Coed Danielle Hirsch

Cross Country Varsity Boys Phil Oreste 
Cross Country Varsity Girls Verity Breen
Field Hockey Varsity Girls Michelle Perrin
Football Varsity Coed Matthew LemMon* 
Football Frosh/Soph Coed    
Golf Varsity Boys    
Golf  Varsity Girls John Haight
Lacrosse Varsity Boys Michael Johnson
Lacrosse JV Boys Eric Foote 
Lacrosse Varsity Girls Kendrick Gaston
Lacrosse JV Girls Michael Smith  
Soccer Varsity Boys Dustin Nygaard*
Soccer JV Boys Adrien Ferrier
Soccer Varsity Girls

Shane Kennedy

Soccer Varsity Assistant Girls    
Soccer JV  Girls Luis Flores
Softball Varsity Girls John Scarsella
Swimming Varsity Boys Ken Weber
Swimming Varsity Girls Candace Murphy
Swimming: Diving Varsity Coed Katharine Gensler 
Tennis Varsity Boys    
Tennis Varsity Girls    
Track & Field Varsity Boys Bob McLennan
Track & Field Varsity Girls Phil Oreste 
Volleyball Varsity Boys    
Volleyball Varsity Girls Ray Karter 
Volleyball JV Girls Cicely Walden 
Volleyball Frosh Girls no team no team
Water polo Varsity Boys Bob Kustel 
Water polo JV Boys Steve Lacy  
Water polo Varsity Girls Paul Hettler 
Water polo JV Girls Allison Harf
Wrestling Varsity Coed Preston Picus*
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